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About Austin Carlson

My first experience with fly fishing came at age twelve on my family’s yearly pike trips to Minnesota. One of the lodge staff was fly fishing in the marina after dinner and noticed me curiously watching him. He invited me over and taught me the basic casting stroke then left me with his rod for the evening. I don’t remember catching anything that evening but that was definitely the spark. The second we returned home from that trip I begged my dad to get me a fly rod and a fly tying kit from our local hardware store.

I’ve spent the last decade fishing and exploring Colorado’s rivers and lakes from the high country to our famous tailwaters. I wanted to start guiding to pass on the skills and techniques that have brought so much passion and adventure into my life. Guiding has always been an incredibly rewarding experience. Not to mention the best office view you could ever have. I particularly enjoy working with kids. Their level of excitement when they hook into a fish is just unmatched.

When I’m not guiding or off on an adventure with my wife, you can find me hunkered down tying flies commercially, as well as teaching fly tying classes.”