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About Matt Sanchez

Matt Sanchez first held a fly rod at the age of 4. Unbeknownst to him, he was hooked (likely literally as well!) to a lifetime pursuit of flyfishing both personally and professionally. The many streams and farm pods of Missouri filled his childhood with fishing opportunities prior to moving to Colorado. While in high school, he met a guide during a summer trip out to the Frying Pan. It was a happenstance encounter that only lasted an afternoon, but the seed was planted, one which has influenced the last 25 years and hopefully the next 50.

Matt started his guiding career at Diamond J on the Frying Pan in 2001, spent 7 years at Elktrout Lodge, and has been guiding for NFRGS since 2009. Guiding affords the ability to share his passion with new and old friends on the water. Each day presents its own challenges and successes- each fish as memorable as the very first. He has traveled from Alaska to the Caribbean and Hawaii to New York in pursuit of fish. When not fishing, he enjoys hunting and embracing an active Colorado lifestyle. Matt is married with two (very fishy) daughters and a yellow lab, Midge.