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Fall Fly Fishing in Colorado

The fly fishing during Colorado’s Fall season can only be matched by the amazing scenery you’ll find yourself fishing in. It’s no secret that Colorado’s Rocky Mountains boast some of the best Fall views around, with changing Aspen groves and abundant wildlife. If you really want to immerse yourself in Colorado’s Fall experience, Fall fly fishing is the way to do it. River flows on the properties North Fork Ranch Guide Service guides are often some of the best of the year, and fish are trying to pack on calories with any easy meal they can find before Old Man Winter rears its head and food becomes scarce.

Fall Brown Trout Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fall in Colorado’s rivers signals the beginning of the Brown Trout spawn; while spawn timing varies from year to year and river to river, it generally occurs between late September and early November. Pre-spawn, male Brown Trout will become very aggressive and can be effectively targeted using streamer patterns. The female brown trout will be packing on calories before digging their spawning beds (redds), often feeding voraciously. This phenomenon makes early Fall a fantastic time to fish many of Colorado’s rivers and streams. Once the actual spawn begins, it’s critical to allow Brown Trout to reproduce in peace by avoiding fishing to actively spawning fish and being cautious not to wade through or near any spawning beds (redds). During this time, Rainbows and even Browns that are not yet spawning will feed heavily on loose eggs, and can be targeted in the deeper runs away from spawning areas.


Fall Season Fly Fishing