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About Joe Johnson

I first became captivated with fly fishing when I was a small child trying to escape my Aunt and Uncle’s wedding rehearsal. I took refuge near the riverbank of my local Big Thompson River and was fascinated with watching an angler elegantly present a fly and catch several rainbow trout. I vividly recall staring in awe from the bank for nearly an hour and when the gentleman took notice, he allowed me to come try my hand. I took his rod that sported a hand tied dry fly, back casted, and immediately put it in the neighboring cottonwood tree. Years of learning followed and my passion only grew.

Many of my closest friends, places I have traveled to, and experiences I hold dear are a result of fly fishing. My motivation in becoming a guide was to pass on the knowledge and skill set that I have learned through my mentors and time on the water. I feel it is my obligation to instill some of my own passion to other people that I am lucky enough to spend a day on the water with. Every time I help a first-time angler catch their first fish on a fly, or assist a seasoned angler in tricking that trout of a lifetime, the same joy and excitement I see in them is reinvigorated in me as if it was my first fish all over again.