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About John Majerus

I first became interested in fly fishing in the sixth grade. It was actually a fascination with fly tying that first sparked my interest. I can still remember a hiking trip where I hike up to a lake on the Flat Tops in Western Colorado and gave my very first fly a try on some cutthroat trout in a lake. I was rewarded with an eighteen-inch cutthroat. Ever since then, I have turned that fascination of making flies, into a commercial business, supporting many local Colorado businesses with flies.

I am a retired Special Education teacher of twenty-eight years. I found my teaching career very conducive to becoming a fly-fishing guide during the summer months, and a few sick days here and there. This will be my twentieth season as a guide on the water. I have enjoyed my time guiding people on our local waters; sharing with them my knowledge, passion, and love for the sport of fly fishing. One of my fondest memories of fly fishing comes when I was able to fish with my family on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park. What a great time! Fly fishing has opened up many opportunities for me over the years. Meeting some fantastic people along the way. I will always be passionate and thankful for the opportunities and doors fly fishing has opened for me.